In this modern day of the silicon age, where most people feel lost without a "mouse" in their hand, I feel at home continuing the traditions of craftsmen from a time that has yet to pass.  The Hammer, Forge and Anvil Fire my Soul and Imagination.

     From my early years the ability to repair, design and create from raw materials those things that were practical and artistic, has been my inspiration to ardently pursue the skills and insight that are MetalCraft.
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Richard "Dick" Gambino
Like the tools of the trade, the skills are acquired throughout a life time.
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I began acquiring my skills in the automotive trades during the late 50's and 60's.
In a change of venue I was introduced to the anvil and forge, after attending farrier school I worked as a farrier and blacksmith. Never one to be limited to the bounds of a profession I have continued to refine my skills and broaden the scope of my abilities in the Metal Arts. Today my work includes a full spectrum of projects ranging from One-Off Consignment Pieces to Classic Automotive Restoration. The more unique the challenge and client the greater the inspiration shows in the final product. My love of the Art and the inspiration of the Sea drive Gambino MetalCraft and my quest to produce unique and enduring works.
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